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Fresh Ya Pear

Our "Ya Pear" is regular in shape and unique to China , and is welcomed by the world market for its thin

peel and tender flesh, its juicy crispy pulp, and rich vitamin & mineral content.
Nuitricious Facts :
87% of water, 10-11% of dissolvable sugar, as well as starch, carbohydrates and various kinds of vitamins. HongKong , Macao and South East Asia have been our traditionally market for over 30 year. We successfully exported our ya pear to Canada in 1997, since the quarantine for the quality and the plant diseases and insect pest were all permitted by Canadian Government. Also the animal and plant quarantine inspector of the American Agricultural Ministry approved the orchards and the processing factories. In 1999, we also passed through the inspection by Australia government. Every year we sold out about 300 reefer containers to Southeast Asia, USA, Canada, and Europe . All our Ya Pear are grown

and produced in our Authorized Pear orchards, Try our Ya Pear, Try the Difference. We welcome your enquires and hope to give your excellent quality and best price.
Packing: Iin cartons of about 18kg or 15kg net each, #72 #80 #96 #112 #140 pieces per carton, each pieces individually wrapped with paper or ploythene fruit cap
Royal Beauty Century Pear

New breed! Origin in Hebei Province, China. Massive, shiny, pale yellow, slightly white, white pulp, crispy,

rough pulp, juicy, sweet. It is available in market every August and we have been successfully exporting

to. Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, U.K. and New Zealand .
Nuitricious Facts: Contains soluble: 12.4%, vitamin C per 2.21mg per 100g .

  Packing: by wrap with paper and paper individually, contained inside a carton box, net weight 10kgs per box.


Variety: Fuji, Qinguan, Red Delicious, Red Honey, Red Star, Royal Gala
Packing Type:

1.)N.W. 20kgs per carton with tray, poly sock, liner bag, foam net for each apple

2.)N.W. 10kgs per carton

3.)Can provide sticker on each apple for customer order

4.)The packing can be arranged on customer's order

Size: 20kgs/ctn: 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 100, 125, 138, 150, 163 10kgs/ctn: 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44
Palletization: 20kgs/ctn: 1106 Cartons per 40' H Reefer Container 10kgs/ctn: 78 Cartons per Pallet (1716 Cartons per 40' H Reefer Container)
Shopping: Reefer Hi-Cube Containers
Shipment Period: From AUG. to APR next year
Brand/Mark: “Junjie”
Grade Of Apple : Grade A: Bagged when the apples on tree to keep fruit clean, smooth, high color and brix. With well chosen before make shipment. Can be waxed on basis of customer's order. Grade B: Ordinary growth With well chosen before make shipment.

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